Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If I Were a Boy...

Wow, so I'm posting like twice a month now?  That's sad, but I'm not ready to walk away yet!  It's cathartic, right?

So let's see...the weekend before last, my parents came to visit and we had a lovely time.  We had dinner in the city on Thursday, then Friday we hung out during the day (manis/pedis for the ladies) and then went to The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria on Friday night -- free from 4-8 pm!  It was really interesting, and there was much more to see than I expected.  It's really interactive, too, so we ended up staying longer than we planned, and then rushed home to eat a late supper since we were starving by then.  Saturday Hike's family (mom, mom's bf, and Grandma Fran) came over for brunch, and everyone got along really well.  It was lots of fun and chattering and his family loved my apartment and the food and everything, so I call it a success!  Saturday night we were lucky enough to get my firm's Yankees tickets, so we saw the Yankees/Mets game and it was a great cap to the visit.  The folks left early Sunday morning to drive back in time for work/school on Monday, so it was short but a very sweet visit.

Last week was full of movies (Thor, meh), softball, and catching up with Hike (unchaperoned, I mean), and then this past weekend was full of very masculine events.  Friday night was the Elks Lodge wrestling event in Elmhurst, Queens, which is probably exactly what it sounds like.  (The tickets were a part of his birthday present earlier this month, along with the New York documentary by Ric Burns, brother of Ken.)  It was entertaining but too long for me at four hours.  I can be a good sport for any event once, though I'm not sure I'll need to see wrestling ever again in my life.  (Though for anyone who knows wrestling stuff, Mick Foley was there, and so was Sid Vicious -- both are past-their-prime wrestling royalty, apparently.)

Saturday we woke up and headed to Long Beach for some sun time!  It was gorgeous and so nice to be on the beach, especially one as uncrowded as Long Beach.  We laid around and even played with the Frisbee for awhile.  Afterwards we grabbed a late lunch in Rockville Center (Long Island), then I finally tried Ralph's Italian Ices (the cream ice, which is like Italian ice and ice cream together), then we drove around a bit looking at the nice houses, as we'd been talking about how RC would be a great place to live and settle with kids, though it's rather pricey.  But it's a goal. 

Saturday night we went to Gleason's, a local bar, to eat some more and watch UFC with his friend Yoshi, so more man sports for me!  Sunday we relaxed a lot, watching some Civil War documentary (Ken Burns' this time).  Then we went our separate ways for awhile (nap time!) and he came over for dinner, then we went back to his apartment to play this video game that I actually ended up really liking.  It's got some Myst-like features, so it was fun to help him solve the puzzle-y stuff, though the occasional gun fights were less entertaining as I didn't have the controller.  But still, ADDICTING.

Then Monday we picked up Frannie on our way to his mom's for a BBQ!  I made a Mexican Bean Salad and we had all sorts of grilled meats and stuff, and sat on the back patio and relaxed.  It was just perfect for Memorial Day, and the weekend as a whole felt really long and relaxing, like a true break.  It was great!  Oh, and his mom put up one of those cheesy photo frame collections in the living room with a quote about FAMILY, and it's got at least two pictures of me with the rest o' the fam in it.  So I guess it's official?

Now this week will be short, and I have another softball double-header tonight, then tomorrow Hike will come over, Thursday is Harpie dinner, and this weekend is pretty booked with his social calendar stuff, though hopefully we can get back to the beach soon.  I feel so mellow lately -- for me, at least.

Well, friends, I hope you are all well and haven't given up on me.

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