Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Getting Too Old for this Sh*t

Interlovers!  Hello!  How are we on this sunny Monday?  I hear it's gorgeous outside...and it seems that way from my window.  (I don't go outside, especially since I'm re-quitting smoking after a short relapse.)

Well, this was a weekend.  I mostly love sharing a social life with Hike, as we get to do all sorts of fun things and we're integrating our lives pretty well, but lately it's been very busy with his side of plans and I need a rest.  Yes, I like resting more than the average 29-year-old, but so what, who cares?  Anyway, here's what happened.

Friday I had a lady-doc appointment at 1 pm in Astoria, so after waiting for 90 minutes and then waiting another 30 for a blood test (I figured it was time to get tested for HIV.  So fun, right?  I have no reason to worry, but I don't remember the last time I was checked.  I like to be sure of these things.), I went home and immediately started in on the three large loads of laundry that had been waiting around for washing (all the sheets and towels from the parental visit plus my stuff), and then fixed the broken medicine cabinet (which had collapsed on Hike when he was peeing at 4 am last Wednesday, poor thing), did a half-manicure on myself, then got showered and dressed up to head into the city at 7:30 for Hike's brother's 30th birthday party.  We had a big crew of the boys' high school friends (many of whom I'd met before), and then after our butter-soaked dinner, we went to Hudson Terrace.  And guess what?  His sister-in-law had decided to commit to bottle service, since that's the only way they'd give us a reservation -- but she didn't tell any of the party guests.  Whatever, we made the most of it and drank a lot alot ALOT of vodka.  And shouted at each other since we could barely hear anything.  And Hike and I danced a bit, which was very fun.  It ended up being really enjoyable (especially dancing with the open-roof, so under the night sky!) but I don't remember getting home very well.  And Saturday was a day of puking and napping, of course.  I was so dead. 

So Saturday night I manage to get dressed again without falling over (barely) and we go to Hike's mom's and then out to dinner in Huntington with the whole crew (Franny, mom, bf, bro, sis-in-law, us) and the restaurant was LOVELY.  I felt better after eating something, too.  After dinner, we put in our appearance at his best friend's girlfriend's suprise birthday party at that restaurant's bar.  We nursed one drink each (it was an open bar that we sadly could not take advantage of) and then said our goodbye's, got some Ralph's Italian Ices, sat on a bench to eat them, and then headed back to his house to play some more of our video game and crash.

Sunday was up with an alarm so we could be all cleaned up in time to go back out to LI for a fancy brunch buffet with his bro and sis-in-law again and his father and stepmother and the sis-in-law's parents.  It was to celebrate the boys' birthdays, as both were recently, and we went back for plate after plate (raw bar! omelette station! cream puffs!)  Then it was back to Dad & step-mom's house for chatting and presents.  We got back to Astoria around 7 pm, worn out and sleepy.  (Plus I was half-teary all day as I'd started my period.) 

Anyway, lots of good family time, of course, but lots of diamond-ring comparing on Sunday and wedding-picture looking and talk of MONEY and man, I feel poor around these people, but I also feel pressure.  Like, I'm mostly fine that I want my whole wedding situation to be more affordable (so we can buy a house someday, of course), but these ladies make me feel pretty intimidated.  It's going to be tough, I think, to make everyone happy, but I shouldn't be worrying about that now.  Still, a day like that is psychically challenging.  Otherwise it was a nice weekend, and I had lots of silly fun with Hike throughout, but I'm looking forward to some more alone time and down time next weekend (before a wedding trip the following one.)

Tomorrow we're going to see Bridesmaids, too, and I can't wait!  Then Wednesday is softball (and it's supposed to be HOTTT) and Thursday he'll probably just come over for dinner, then phew, it's Friday again.

And tonight.  I finally have a chance to get a pedicure and wax and stuff, so it's time for that.  Of course I keep putting on weight from all this social eating, but when will I exercise?  No idea.  I have to figure out a better plan.

Wellll thanks for listening, pals.  Until next time.

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