Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smahty Pants

One of the best decisions I've ever made was to keep a pair of tweezers in my purse.  I don't know about you ladies, and I also don't know my ethnic origins (so I can't blame it on genes, dammit), but I get some random dark hairs in some decidedly unfeminine places (oh hello, goatee) and instead of trying unsucessfully to use my thumbnails to pull the occasional one out, I now can just take care of it immediately.  At my desk, of course, but sowhatwhocares?

Anyway, yes, the joys of womanhood.  But seriously, the joys of good planning!

Want another one?  If you're one of those suckers who buys that "Bikini Zone"-type shave gel for underarms or bikini-line shaving, as I used to be, just stop.  Buy a $.99 bottle of VO5 or Suave hair conditioner and use that instead.  It's miraculous and really helps with razor burn.  (Granted, nothing I do helps that 2nd/3rd day bikini-line stubble issue, so please share if you've figured that one out. Cheaply, that is.)

Keep granola bars in your purse, too.  Otherwise you'll get so hungry you'll end up eating mounds of food when some is finally available.

Use Mederma on acne scars.

If you're eyes don't stop making "sleep" crumbs until about an hour after you wake up, wait to put on eyeliner until you get to work.

Mom taught me to wrap rings that were too small with thread (underneath the finger) to make them fit.  They used to do this with their boyfriends' class rings, but now I have some that I love and lost too much weight to wear, so black thread ahoy!  Keep it smooth (literally) by putting some clear nail polish on top.

In the winter, use saline nasal spray.  I'm afraid of Neti pots, but the regular drug store saline spray keeps me cold & flu free all season -- for at least three years now.  Seriously.

For some aromatherapy (or bug prevention, like me), you can buy some natural oils and dilute them in a small spray bottle with water and a dash of dishwashing soap, shake it all up, and spray around your bed before sleep.  I've been relaxing with lavendar & citronella (a high note and a middle note, for those who know fragrance), and while it may be doing jack shit about the bugs, I feel like I'm doing something plus it smells lovely (even with the citronella!)

On my dresser, my picture frames double as earring racks.  Granted, I can't always see those faces so clearly in the photos, but it keeps things organized.

Buy giant sale bottles of detergent and then one small one to keep refilling and carrying with you to the laundromat.  So much cheaper.

And I'll stop, but please feel free to share tips with me!  I love tips.

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