Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday the 13th: No New Blood

Wow, I had to go on Wikipedia to look at all the Friday movie titles for that joke, so I'm pretty sure NO ONE will get it.  I barely do.

So today marks eight months since my first date with Hike, and it's a sweet feeling.  Of course I'll be celebrating by having happy hour drinks with my Harpies, since I mean, we spent all weekend together already, but it's a nice milestone!

The weekend was nice and relaxing for the most part.  Friday night I went home, talked to Britch for a bit, hit the gym, then picked up around the house, made a yummy dinner (TJ's butternut squash triangioli with a squash/walnut/apple sauce I invented) and watched Netflix stuff until Hike was done with his all-boys steakhouse night and came home to me.  He was a bit tipsy after some martinis, and it was fun to see him like that since he only rarely drinks that much. 

Saturday we woke up and watched The Green Hornet with breakfast in bed, and then somehow the whole day moved quickly while we were being lazy, until we split up for two hours to get cleaned up.  Then he picked me up for a Bareburger dinner and to see The Hangover.  It was really funny!  I know everyone says it's no different than the first one, but who cares, it's still amusing.  We got into a stupid argument that started when he didn't put the armrest down to cuddle and I said something pointed and it just sort of went downhill from there.  It was stupid, but we talked about it later when we got home and it did enable us to have a very honest and good conversation about some sensitive issues.  Then we played our video game for awhile, then went to sleep. 

Of course in the morning, I woke up swinging, as he was up before me and decided to put on some UFC fight he'd DVRed and I woke up (unhappily) to that noise.  I threw a mini-fit because I just wanted more SLEEP, but whatever, it was fine after awhile.  Then we played more of our video game, then I napped while he watched the Mets, and then we headed out to try Five Guys' Burgers (yum!) and do a Trader Joe's run.  He'd never really shopped in one, and I was nervous (like when your friend meets your boyfriend, you know?) because I love it so much, and it was really crowded but he liked the food options (he's a health nut) and we got a good cartful of stuff.  It's fun since almost half of what I buy is for both of us anyway, so it was nice to have his opinion, too. 

And I was home at 6 for a night of settling in at home and watching A Bronx Tale (which was my homework assigment from my Italian Stallion).  I talked to my mom for awhile, too, and it was a very relaxing end to the weekend.

ALSO, my last two bites have shown up at the beginning of the past two weeks (first on Tuesday after Labor Day, the next last Monday) so my new theories are that I either got them at Hike's (after a 36-hour delay period) or they were on the little sweaters I wear to work that are all stored in the same drawer at home.  So I slept in long sleeves all weekend, I sprayed my natural oil sprays on the beds, and I didn't wear a little sweater today (though I brought one in case I got really cold.)  So far, no bite.  I HOPE HOPE HOPE we've cracked this case, friends.  If I can go another week without one, I'll start laying off the precautions one by one to try to determine the cause.  And no, that doctor's office never called me about setting up an appointment but my arm started clearing up really well with the Benedryl spray last week and is now totally fine, with just some residual discoloration.

Otherwise, I ate rather well this weekend (two burgers, I know, but one was bison, I didn't have fries with them and they were both topped with healthy things), I felt better about my body after going to the gym twice last week plus walking four miles to softball on Wednesday, and I feel good about my relationship and its future, if we could just stop this damn bickering.  Does everyone do this?  Help.

OHHH and I forgot the big news -- Hike heard on Friday that he was accepted into grad school for his MBA!  Just when I was bugging him to fill out the application for a safety school.  So that is good news for him and us and the future, but it'll be a tough four (?) years as far as time management, since he'll work full-time (at least for now) and have school two nights a week.  But I want to support him and make it easier for him, and I hope I can be patient.  This means we'll be able to better figure out how and when our relationship will grow over the next few years.  It also means he won't be able to come to Scotland with me for Britch's wedding, but I knew that was a possibility.  I'm disappointed in the short-term, but it's for the best.  And it'll be cheaper if only one of us is going, too -- only $2,000 instead of more.  So it's good news!  Also scary, but good, right?

Happy Sleepy Mondays, everyone.

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  1. Long time reader, but I've never commented. I was looking at the picture of your bite and it looks similar to bites I've received. I am allergic to mosquitos and when I get bit they swell up for a few days and when they start to go down sometimes they bruise. It’s not every mosquito bite I receive so I'm thinking it’s a certain type of mosquito. I don’t have any further information on that idea though. I found out I was allergic when I went to a tropical island for a week and got bit 10+ times on my face and it swelled up like a balloon. Needless to say it was a horrible week.
    So is it possible there is a mosquito in your apartment that is biting you at night? I would suggest maybe getting one of those mosquito sticky tape things and hanging it over your bed to see if you catch any. Hopefully you can figure out soon what is causing these bites. Good Luck