Friday, May 6, 2011

That Can't Be the Real Nickname

I just tasted my first and second White Castle "burgers" -- two of the lawyers went for lunch and each brought back 10 plus fries and onion rings, so one of the guys quit early and gave me two of his "whities."  It was amazing and weird and like canned soup but so good.

And now I feel gross and sick.  But I think that's supposed to happen.

Pre-Mother's Day was a success last night!  We brought his mom a card, a Visa gift card, and flowers, and then we brought a card and flowers for Grandma, and we got there and ate macaronis and gravy and hung out for a bit then drove his Grandma home on our way back.  We always make sure she's inside OK, and she gave me $5 to buy myself a drink (she gave him $20 for gas money) and it was all so sweet.  I was invited to go to lunch with the two ladies on Mother's Day since the sons are out of town, so I think I'll take them up on that.  His mom said she'd call me.

And today she e-mails:
Dear [Hike] & [Stevie],

Thanks so much for coming to see me last night & for the beautiful flowers, card & gift card.

I really appreciate it.

You both are the best!!!

Love lots,

My mother away from home, really.  It's very nice to be so close to them, but every once in awhile I get a "whoaaaa" feeling at how real and serious this is.  But it's good.  Now I just need to call my mom -- it's been awhile!  But they'll be here in two weeks!

Anyway, so last night was a very happy "last night" with Hike before he leaves for a few days.  We even witnessed a drunk driver smash/drive over three parked cars on my street (and got the plate number and called it in to 911 -- apparently there was a citizens' arrest of the guy a few blocks over!)  I mean, that part was bad, but the way everybody on the street worked together and was standing around talking outside, plus the fact that the guy was caught made it rather touching.  And scary, too.  And then I hid a card about "missing you" in Hike's suitcase because sometimes I am an awesome gf, so I'm wondering when he'll find it!  I bet there's a 30% chance he just won't find it, honestly.  He is not an observant male.

I am counting down the hours until my facial tonight (3.5) and I'm so looking forward to this weekend, especially brunch tomorrow.  Thankfully work is quiet today, too, so I'm sort of riding the Friday wave and working slowly but surely.  Enjoy your Motherly Days, all!

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