Monday, April 18, 2011

Slogging Through April Showers

Welllll I'm delinquent again.  Let's catch up.

My weekends have been filled with bed/cuddle/movie/Fraggle Rock time, family time, and date time.  I feel like the past few weeks have been very busy but the calendar is clearing up a bit for the next month, which I'm very much looking forward to.  I've had plans every day for about two weeks, and I do not function well that way -- I need allotted down time for sanity.

So this past weekend was a happy hour and then birthday party with Hike and his friends on Friday, and then Saturday we went out to LI for his one-year-old cousin's first birthday party.  Afterwards we went back to his place and stayed in, as it was soggy and windy out and we were in no mood to be adventurous.  We watched a bit of the Ken Burns' Civil War documentary and ordered tacos.  Sunday we drove out to his grandma's for lunch with mom and her bf, too, then he dropped me off at Harpie dinner in Williamsburg.  I cabbed it home by 10 pm and then stayed up too late finishing a disk of True Blood.

Things are very good, in general, though I feel like I've been overly anxious and putting a lot of pressure on myself and my relationship lately.  I need to relax and not expect so much perfection, I think.  It'll help to have some time to myself this week, plus work is calming down again after a rough few weeks, so I'm not at such a high stress level.  Our receptionist resigned and her last day was last Thursday, but I interviewed someone today that we want to hire (oh, plus my boss delegated the whole hiring process to me which made me a little nervous), so if she accepts we can move forward with some good support and I can delegate again.

Tonight I am going to get my nails did and eyebrows waxed, and then stop at the grocery store and go home and make some Roasted Onion Soup for the next couple weeks' lunches.  Tomorrow evening I can do laundry, then I'll see Hike on Wednesday, since he has plans tomorrow so we won't have our usual movie night.

IN BAD NEWS, I now weigh about 144 lbs.  I have gained 10 pounds, I think, since January?  I blame quitting smoking, a successful relationship, and Girl Scout Cookies (by which I mean my lack of willpower.)  I am still trying to not beat myself up about this mentally, but it doesn't feel great.  Once I finish a few more boxes of cookies, and once I can walk outside more, things will get better.  RIGHT?  Also, I want to think about it less.  My lover things I'm hot, so it's really just about me feeling pretty.  Stupid little body that can't metabolize anything.

I'm also wayyyyy too in my head lately about whether I'm a bad friend, a bad girlfriend, an annoying person, a needy person, etc.  Why can't I just mellow out?  I need to remember my mantra, and also listen to more meditation music that I download for free from  (And maybe book another facial?  Yes, I think so.)

Accctually, Hike is going to Las Vegas in a few weeks (for a weekend) and I think I'll book it for while he's gone.  I'll also have use of his car, so I can make a trip to Trader Joe's in Queens and STOCK UP like it's the HOLOCAUST.  Siggghhhh I wish it were always the weekend, and that my life were full of things like grocery shopping and facials.  (Maybe in ten years when he's VP, as Hike likes to say.) 

Well, we must carry on, readers.  The Springtime gloom will lift soon -- hopefully for Easter next week!  Love you.

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