Monday, March 7, 2011

Interfriends!  Hello.  Man, last week was very busy at work and outside of it, and I feel so behind on my slacking time.

A week ago from Friday, Hike's aunt passed away from cancer, so we went to the wake on LI on Monday.  I left work at noon and we got home after 10 pm, so it was a long, sad day, but I'm glad I could be there for him.  Then work was crazy and the other, inefficient staff members that I'm supposed to corral were giving me problems, and I don't remember much else from the week - it wasn't eventful!

This past Friday I had some lovely happy hour beverages with Schmillie, then went over to Hike's for pizza and Fraggles.  Saturday I got my nails did and took care of some stuff at home, then we went into the city for his sister-in-law's huge 30th birthday party at Hudson Terrace.  It was an open bar and dancing and really fun, and also full of Long Islanders.  A lot of Hike's friends were there, and they were all very nice and we danced for awhile with his mom, too, and I wore really high heels but didn't die, only had to sit down every so often from the ankle pain.  I'm getting better!  Sunday was a terrible hangover since I drank so much vodka, and so we were very lazy, and alternated between watching Cheers and Fraggles.  It was a good lazy day, but man, I can NOT drink so much anymore.  Why do I never learn?

This week should be nice.  I'm catching up on my normal work, and tonight I should try to do laundry (though really, I should go to the gym, but meh), because tomorrow Hike and I are going to see Cedar Rapids for free, whoo, then Wednesday is Thighs' birthday party and then I have to leave early to pick up the monthly veggies, and then Thursday is dinner at this new Mexican place in Astoria that I'm VERY excited about with Schmess, and maybe our boyfriends, and then Friday is Hike somehow, then Saturday I have Harpie brunch and then Hike and I are going to a Devils' game in NJ and having dinner out there beforehand, and drinks with his friend afterward.  Whew!

So things are pretty great, and I'm trying not to internalize my work stress, and my weight is still higher from quitting smoking (and winter weight), but I've stopped gaining and now just have to go back down five pounds before I feel decent about myself.  It's interesting to have such a fit boyfriend, because it really does make me crazy self-conscious (and it's not his fault, it's all in my head,) and the only answer is to do something about it.  Slowly but surely, I guess.

Now back to the grind. 

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