Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Me Outta Heeeeere

Wellll it's getting warmer out, and sunnier, and I am starting to walk around this fair city again. It feels good! And I feel less like this:

I think that's a sleeping bear cub. I want one! Anyway, work has been very productive since last week, when I got caught up and they officially changed the workflow so that I'm not project managing work for the incompetant staff -- now the staff get to hang themselves by their own rope, and I get more time to work on my own stuff instead of their paralegal stuff.  I'll help as needed, but I'm not the first go-to anymore.  (One lawyer was treating me as his personal secretary, basically, so this should improve things greatly.)  So good.

The weekend was lovely, but went way too fast again.  Friday night I talked to Britch for awhile, then Hike picked me up and we went to Bareburger.  I had the lamb burger with cucumber and tzatziki, and a side salad, and it was delicious and didn't make me feel ill afterwards.  Then home for some good conversation and listening to music together, and then Fraggles.  Saturday I went to Carroll Gardens for Harpie brunch, Mardi Gras-style, and it was delicious and very fun.  Plus I love that neighborhood, so just walking around made me so happy.  I cabbed it back so I could take a quick shower and be ready for Hike to pick me up at 4:30 for the Devils game.  We drove to Newark, met up with his buddy who helps the Islanders' broadcast team for a bit, then got some supper (pizza and hot dogs!) and found our seats.  The game was pretty exciting and went into OT, and then we drove back and were home around 11.  Sunday I was feeling motivated since it was so lovely outside, so we drove to his mom's for macaronis and gravy and hanging out, and then he took me to TARGET.  Swoon.  I stayed within my promised one-hour shopping time, and it didn't drive him away, so it was a success.  (I'm intense in Target, people.) 

And Sunday marked five months since our first date, so it was a nice day of hanging out and enjoying ourselves.  Five months seems like a long time!  In the beginning I'd be like "Ohhh I feel serious but it's only been x months," but now I feel like I can legitimately be in a serious relationship.  You know, in my crazy head, it makes a difference.  But only a little.

This week will be pretty full, but I'm so excited about these hints of springtime, plus with the clock change, I can get more done after work because I have more energy.  Last night I walked to the library and then ran some errands (and the walk was over 2 miles), then tonight I'll walk to book club, then have dinner with Schmate and Schmillie at Penelope, and I'm looking forward to catching up with my ladies.  Tomorrow night I'll see Hike again, then Thursday is open so I'll hopefully get more exercise, then Friday night Schmauren arrives and it's a munchtastic weekend ahead!  I can't wait.

So I installed a Weight Watchers point tracking app on my phone, and I'm going to try and adhere to the plan during the week and take the weekends off.  Obviously it'll still be tough with dinners out, etc., but I'm going to do my best and since it's this interactive thing, hopefully I'll be more interested in entering the data. 

I think this blog has gotten much more boring now that I'm not dishing on my love life, right?  I am welcome to any suggestions for spicing things up.

ALSO, in a daydreamy way I've started looking at apartments online.  You know how I love Astoria, but I love the Carroll Gardens/Clinton Hill neighborhood so much, I was also looking there.  Unfortunately very few of the Craigslist offerings were the cute brownstoney type that I'd want, but it's SO FUN to look.  I would also go to Long Island City -- I like the vibe there.  So right, I'm just putting it out there.  I suddenly have a real estate porn problem.

Well fine, I'm going to go figure out how to make a fillable PDF form.  My life is a whirlwind!

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