Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm Taken with the Notion

Hello interlovers.  How are we?  I'm doing well today after a miserable Monday yesterday.

The weekend was lots of fun.  Friday night Hike joined Schmate and Schmillie and AWR (Shmate's mate) for a wine & cheese spread at Schmate's in Murray Hill as our lovely Schmauren was driving down from Boston.  As luck would have it, she arrived just in time for the tail end of the spread.  Then the merry sixsome headed to the new Murray Hill location of Bareburger, my Astoria favorite, for a variety of meats and milkshakes.  It was great to catch up with Schmauren, and then she drove we two Astorians back home for our slumber party at my place.

Saturday Hike and I slept in a bit while Schmauren headed out to meet her old roomie and cutest person ever for brunch...without the food.  When I finally roused myself to her phone call, we planned for me to meet them shortly and then we'd all eat together.  (I thought she was in my living room this whole time, but I think my creepy roommate scared her off with my spare keys.)  It was a lovely brunch and I had a delicious roasted mushroom, scrambled egg, and Parmesan panini with fig spread (that I ordered on the side) to sweeten things up.  Then Schmauren and I went for a mani/pedi session, then home to relax (I napped) before heading into the city to meet Schmillie for more wine before dinner.  We then walked to explore Eataly and as we didn't want to wait an hour to be seated, we each grabbed a slice of foccaccia pizza to go.  So good!  We munched and walked down to Flannery's on 7th and 14th for some good drinks, music, and convo.  We even scored a table, so it was the perfect destination.  We called it a night around 1 am, and I cabbed back to Hike's. 

In the morning he had to run off to LI for his fantasy baseball draft, so I walked home, stopping for some groceries along the way, then cleaned and organized in my room and marinated some chicken.  Then Schmauren picked me up to meet Schmannon and Schmeather for brunch at MexiQ.  It was amazing, though the service and wait time for food was a little slow.  But we had lots of time to chat, and we (except Schmauren, who was driving home afterwards) enjoyed the unlimited Bloody Mary option for $7, and I ordered the BBQ Brisket Eggs Benedict on Jalapeno Corn Muffins.  AMAZING.  So so good.  I want it again and again.  After brunch, Schmauren hit the road and the remaining three of us wandered down Steinway for a little shopping and coffee, and then the girls headed out for some afternoon sports and beer while I went home for more organizing and napping and grilling of that chicken for lunches this week, etc.

All in all it was a great weekend, and I loved spending so much time with Schmauren, and while I missed Hike as we had more time apart than usual, it was nice to see so many girlfriends and get some things done at home. 

Yesterday I had a sore throat, probably from smoking with Schmillie while drinking this weekend (what can I say?) and felt really out of it, but I slept a lot last night and feel much better today.  I can tell my body is sometimes fighting something, and if I behaved badly, it would probably progress, but instead I sleep like a cat and it gets better.  I haven't been sick in a very long time, people.  Yes, I'm [knocking on wood]. 

Tonight Hike and I are having some delicious Thai food and then seeing The Adjustment Bureau for free with his free movie pass deal, and then sleeping at mine.  It's our first midweek sleepover experiment, so we may murder each other when the alarm goes off tomorrow, but hopefully not and it'll be the first of many.  I feel very adult, plus I want to share more of our lives, so I'm looking forward to it.  If anything it'll help me feel more consistently secure and at peace about things and then hopefully less sensitive to minor infractions.

UMM I'm hungry right now, but should not be.  I've been doing fairly well at weight watching during the week, except when eating out, so obviously it's still not that strict but I do what I can.  On Sunday I marinated thinly-sliced chicken cutlets in fresh oregano, Worcestershire, mustard, and Cajun seasoning, and grilled it all up at night, so I'm having those in sandwich thins with LT and honey mustard for lunch this week.  Four points!  Plus a 1-point string cheese.  And it was satisfying yesterday (I was good until I ate all those Cadbury Mini Eggs before bed), but I feel hungry right now, and I only ate like an hour and a half ago.  This must be mental, right?  Maybe I'll eat some Special K to tide me over.  UGH I just need my stomach to shrink again!  On the inside, I mean.

So of course for dinner I want the Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken, but that's probably a terrible choice.  I'm looking online now for the better options that still sound appealing, but ugh, I wish my metabolism could process delicious food.  Oh, food.

Well, obviously I have nothing too exciting going on, but this is the latest.  And now I'm ready for a nap.

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