Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slogging Along

That what it feels like I'm doing after all this gross warm humid weather lately.  We had such a brief, shining week of Fall, and now it's hot and uncomfortable again.  Though this weekend should be cooler, and I can bring out the hoodies again, thank goodness. 

What a week!  As I've now become quite comfortable spending most of my weeknights at home, I really pushed the envelope with Harpie dinner on Monday night in Brooklyn (theme: Johnny Appleseed) and then a concert last night with Schmeather.  We saw The Head and the Heart at The Bowery Ballroom, and they were excellent, but they didn't go on until about 11:15, after two opening bands, and so I got home at about 1:15 am.  The opening bands were kind of boring -- actually we only went up to the main room for the second one -- so as much as I love seeing fantastic live music, I think I may have to not go on weeknights anymore.  Or now that I'm typing this out, maybe I'll just be really picky about it, since today isn't as hard to survive as I thought it would be.

ANYWAY, I am very much looking forward to a night at home tonight.  I have to pick up the veggies after work, and then Hike will be coming over at some point, but before then I can probably get in some couch and DVR time...  and it'll be nice to go to sleep before midnight (I hope, at least.) 

I need to start re-incorporating the gym or some sort of activity into my life, since after a month of letting myself go/eat whatever, I am feeling the results.  My clothes are all tight (which could partially be due to high heat drying, but who knows), my tummy is big (I swear I'm pregnant while having my period, because it feels so firm.  Is that possible?), and I am feeling decidedly dumpy and unsexy.  (Well, except that Hike and I are sexting right now, so I'm still looking forward to it -- just with the lights out.)  Um I guess I also have my extremely light period right now, which could be contributing.  Now, is it light because I'm pregnant or because I'm now taking more hormones (a light dose) for my acne?  Probably the latter.  Oh, and I've also decided that I need to start dressing more like a grown-up, so I've spent a lot of money online shopping recently.  I know I won't keep it all, but I can at least perk up my wardrobe a bit.  And it doesn't help that I'm totally sick of all my summer clothing options.

There's not much news.  The weekends have been full of homework (him); puttering around the house baking, cooking, cleaning, reading (me); visiting the family on Sunday and doing our laundry (me) while he studies more (him); and my weeks have been made up of things like book club, walking home from work (last week, when we had some gloriously cooler days), and catching up on all the new fall television.  Last weekend I had time on Saturday to borrow his car and visit Schmillie in Brooklyn for the afternoon, then head to Trader Joe's in Rego Park to stock up on pantry items.  I'm cooking more dinners, but I enjoy it.  I feel like I'm contributing what I can do to his overwhelming school schedule now.  I also have started making homemade granola bars for him to throw in his bag to eat during class, since he gets so hungry and wasn't bringing anything, plus he likes natural, healthy stuff.  It feels good to support him in that way, and I'm lucky that he appreciates it.  It's how I'm showing love.  (Barf, amiright?)

We've had some serious talks about the future recently, so I'm very happy with where we are and what's to come.  And we've gotten much better at arguing.  The fights do still happen, but usually we can head them off at the pass -- and we're learning how to balance his schoolwork with time together, plus I'm nagging him less to be more organized as he's making a good system for himself.  I'm feeling optimistic about this thing.  And the one-year anniversary of our first date is coming up on October 13, so it feels like a big milestone.  I'm excited!

And that's the story, morning glories.  I feel like I'm getting so repetitive, but hey, consistency is the salt of life.

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