Thursday, August 11, 2011

Much Like the Economy...

My mental state is very in flux.  So on Tuesday, my roommate gets bites -- 7 of them, to be precise.  They appear to be bed bug bites.  She has started washing/cleaning thoroughly, but is busy at her job and only last night called the crappy exterminator we've had, who can't come until Friday or Saturday.  So I asked her to call more today, but she's decidedly less urgent about this than I am.  I'm just very worried they'll re-spread to my room/side of the apartment, and while it's been safe so far, I don't want to tempt anything!  And also, what if I have to wash all of my belongings again?  I will, but goddamn, this is awful.  And it's worse because so far no exterminator is scheduled and that drives me batty.  (Roommate said to me "I'm not as freaked out about this as you are."  THAT IS NOT OK.  YOU SHOULD BE FREAKED OUT.)  Obviously they somehow migrated to her end of the apartment, though it's been a month since I discovered them in my room, and it's all so confusing.  Plus, she had a ton of bites at one time, but why did it just suddenly happen?  Her room was sprayed twice of the three times that mine was, and while she didn't wash/bag all of her things, shouldn't the sprays have killed any eggies that were around?  Obviously they were hiding, but it feels like a neverending problem and I'm having some rough moments (and some optimistic moments, too.)  I just hope she has called another exterminator by now.  I'm going to harass her.

Otherwise, today is a beautiful day, I'm planning on sleeping at Hike's tonight in order to be less tempting to any bugs in my apartment (though so far, so good), and I made some Saturday "drunch" plans with my neighborhood girls, plus Hike already made plans for our Saturday night, which you know I love.  We'll do dinner and a movie in Astoria (seeing Captain America), but it's nice to have an actual date planned, you know?  And I THINK/HOPE I can Skype with Britch tonight.  I haven't talked to her in SO LONG and I leave in like two weeks to see her in England (hopefully the riots will be over) and I can't wait!  The idea of running away for a week is very appealing, too, though I will miss Hike dreadfully.

OH, we planned our winter holidays yesterday.  It began because he was looking at his vacation schedule for work, which he has to use by the end of the year, and he's trying to take time off when he can maximize it for completing schoolwork.  I asked if he was going to come home with me for New Year's again, and so he looked into it and planned the long weekend for when he'll come to meet me there (after Christmas).  I was a bit whiney about it, in the "I would have hoped you'd think of that yourself, since for our relationship to move forward, don't you need to spend some more time with my parents?" way, by which I meant "You'll want to ask my dad for permission to marry me ASAP, right???"  But it was fine, once I mentioned it (and he was like "Oh yes, I want to do that, I just wasn't thinking about it and you hadn't told me your plans to go home, either...") he got right into the planning and looking up airfare, so I calmed down.  Plus, then the BB World War II news hit, so I was distracted.

To top off my bad day yesterday, I volunteered to get the veggies for Roommate so she could go buy a steamer and a box spring cover, etc., and on my walk down Crescent, I passed Mex.  I mean, I am always afraid of going that way because of that reason, and wouldn't you know, I get myself calmed down and am walking and there he is.  Looking either already drunk or hungover, and making a really sullen face and not looking at me, so we passed like ships in the night.  I think I rolled my eyes (like, of course I have to see you today) but he didn't acknowledge me, though he would have surely seen me.  It's fine, I don't want to talk to him, but it's so strange to know someone intimately for two years (or at least know part of them) and then totally not acknowledge them on the street.  I'M SO MUCH BETTER OFF.

And finally, in good news, I got my bracelet from Hike repaired and back yesterday by a great jeweler on 47th -- he only charged me $20, he fixed the broken place and another spot that looked weak, and he cleaned it, in 24 hours!  Amazing.  So now I get to admire it on my wrist again and think of him, aww.  Ok, back to being bored at work.  Enjoy the blue skies!

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