Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bon Vivage

I think I made that word combination up? But it works.

Hello and goodbye, lovers!  Today, finally, I leave for my grand UK adventure.  Yes, it's rainy here, but the hurricane hasn't hit yet so I should be OK for my 11 pm departure.  I'm sad that Hike can't join me, but I'm still very much looking forward to some fun high-school-friend times, some party times, and some quiet, relaxing alone times on the Scottish moors.  I just wish it were already time to go!  I'm even excited for the airplane and the airplane food (it's so organized, and it's a surprise!) and my new travel pillow and landing in London and navigating my way to Britch's neighborhood.

So right, I land tomorrow at 11 am in London, the Hen Party is tomorrow night, Saturday night we may do a movie night, Sunday we take the train north to Glasgow, Scotland and stay in a hotel, we move to the castle grounds on Monday (I'm staying in a lodge with my two other best high school friends, who are married to each other), Tuesday night is the rehearsal dinner, Wednesday is the wedding, and then Thursday I can recover and Friday morning I take the train to Edinburgh to catch my flight home through Amsterdam.  Whew!  It sounds busy but also has some down time, which I'm very pleased with.

Bug-wise, things seem good at home.  I'm mostly unpacked, we've gone a week since the new company sprayed, and we haven't had any issue yet.  I did find one long-dead bb in the bottom of a shoe that had the heel cap missing (a sandal!) so that freaked me out because it was in my closet on the floor, and that was the first I'd found in the closet area, but nothing else has shown up.  I also sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth around the corners and floorboards and everywhere last night, so I feel extra defended.

Now I can just run away and not worry about my apartment for a week!  And poor Hike has his first class on Saturday morning, ugh, but it'll be good for him to get the MBA started so he can stop being so anxious, not knowing what to expect.  And it'll be fall and then winter before you know it, and I love those seasons, and we already bought our Xmas tickets (I'll go home from Xmas to New Year's, he'll come for New Year's) and I'm just very much in love.  I hope that Hurricane Irene doesn't sweep him away while I'm gone, and without a phone!  It's back to the 2000s with calling cards for me!

Anyway, enjoy your distaster weekend, friends, and I'll fill you in when I return.

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