Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Misc and What I Ate: Wednesday, December 30

Good morning, world. Are you all indoors and warm today? I finally opened up the valves on my radiator in my bedroom last night, so of course was awakened at 5 am by the clanking sounds and the stifling heat. (Granted, I went to bed with multiple layers on, under all the covers, with an extra fleece blanket on top. There was a 0 degree wind chill last night, people, and my windows are drafty!) At least tomorrow should be warmer for New Year's Eve revelry.

That said, I'm laying down the law: NYE is off limits, WW-wise. I will eat, drink and be merry, and maybe even extend that into New Year's Day, as I may need recovery time. And by recovery time, I mean tacos.

Still, today is today, and here's the plan. It's pretty much identical to yesterday's, but one must form habits intentionally:
Breakfast -- coffee, Honey Bunches of Oats, skim milk (4)
Lunch -- turkey and swiss on sandwich thin with L&T, Miracle Whip light and mustard; apple (5)
Dinner -- brown rice with vegetable tomato sauce and cubed chicken (7); romaine salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, homemade vinaigrette (2)
Snack -- low fat yogurt (2)
TOTAL = 20 points

What's especially exciting about my sandwich today is that I am using non-expired mayo. The last time I bought a jar (of Low Fat Hellman's), I only realized after getting home that it had just expired. My grocery store is a fresh hell every time you enter, so rather than try to take it back, I just figured it'd be fine for awhile after the "best by" date. So I used it...until yesterday. That's when I realized how many months had passed, and how it tasted a little weird, and decided to WASTE the few tablespoons in the bottom of the jar (I know) and buy a fresh condiment. So I got my Miracle Whip Light at Target, and this will be a good day.

In other news, I spent a good chunk of the last 30 minutes attempting to track down my work crush on Facebook, but was unsuccessful (though I did think I had a lead, but after looking through that person's friends and work connections, I decided he wasn't my target.) Oh, I should mention that none of the matching FB profiles had his picture clearly visible--obviously that would've made my job easier. As I'm cyberstalking, who should call into the office to ask me to transfer him into his voicemail, but Work Crush himself. I felt like I was caught red-handed...though we played it cool. Actually, I asked if he was going to be in today (as phone-answerer, I get to know these things) and he said maybe tomorrow or maybe not until next week. Lies! Before Christmas, he told me he'd be back from vacation yesterday! Also, I felt like it was awkward because I wished him safe travels back...I think I was trying too hard. Anyway, we're still deep in Phase 2 of my romance plan: Awkward Flirting. I can't wait for Phase 3: Skilled Flirting.

Otherwise, the day is uneventful. I've not really done any work yet, though there isn't much to do, and not many people are in the office. I'm looking forward to prepping some appetizers tonight for my shift at hosting our Progressive New Year's Eve party tomorrow, and I'll do some cleaning around the ol' apartment.

Also, I just ate 4 bite-sized chocolate candies: Twix, Snickers, and 2 Reese's. I'm not counting those points, just chock 'em up to Flexies.

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