Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inaugural Post

Hello, internets. Here I am.

I'm giving this blogging thing a shot, mostly to help make me accountable for my "new year, new me" food choices, but also perhaps to vent a bit about other goings on in my life. The title, while not very original, does describe my intended subject matter. And yes, you will quite literally read about what I ate...but hopefully there will be some other entertaining tidbits as well.

Let's get something out of the way now. Here are things I never intend to accomplish with this blog:
1. Getting a book deal
2. Reaching more than 10 readers
3. Using it as an online personals ad (or at least not yet...)
4. Substituting it for regular communication with friends

So, as a newbie, I'm going to play around on here and have fun, but as it's a PUBLIC forum, I will have to be honest and know the world will judge me if I stray...right, world?!

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